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Types of Timeshare Compensation Claims

Timeshare Resorts & Marketing Companies Are Now Being Ordered To Pay Timeshare Owners Compensation Plus Damages Where Timeshare Contracts Were Mis-Sold!

There are several types of timeshare compensation claims that consumers can file, including:

  • Misrepresentation claims, when a timeshare salesperson makes false or misleading statements about the timeshare property or ownership.
  • Cancellation claims, when a consumer has the legal right to cancel a timeshare contract within a certain timeframe, usually within 14 days, after signing it.
  • Fraud claims, where the consumer alleges that the timeshare developer engaged in fraudulent activity.
  • Breach of contract claims, when the timeshare developer or management company fails to uphold the terms of the contract. For example, by not maintaining the property or not providing promised services.
  • Unfair or deceptive practices claims, when a timeshare company engages in deceptive or misleading business practices, such as high-pressure sales tactics or hiding fees.
  • Performance claims, promises at the point of sale that failed to materialise or a member of a timeshare exchange network that failed to get the exchanges you wanted.

Many owners have signed timeshare contracts which have since been deemed null and void having failed to fulfil the obligations to make them legal. In such instances, it may be possible to process a claim to recover money paid out under the timeshare contract.

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