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ECC have helped over 3,500 Timeshare owners from across the UK to release themselves from unwanted Timeshares all over the world.

We have expert Timeshare Release and Claims Consultants on hand who can advise you on the legality of your contract.

We’re dedicated to helping Timeshare owners who wish to rid themselves of an unwanted Timeshare (and the associated long-term fee commitments) and to process a claim against their resort to recover monies wherever possible.

The Timeshare owners we help often come to us with a combination of the following concerns:

  • Unreasonably high annual maintenance fees, with year-on-year increases
  • Frustration at the lack of availability and/or unfair allocation of Timeshare exchanges
  • Changes in personal situations, such as health, retirement, family circumstances or finances
  • Unfair treatment by resort owners and/or disillusionment with Timeshare
  • Concerns about burdening their family with unwanted long-term future liabilities
  • Timeshare not only has no resale value but is an ongoing financial burden

If you have similar concerns, please contact us now and find out which options are available to you. In the first instance, an expert advisor will contact you to discuss your concerns and Timeshare release options, which will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • The Timeshare Group/Resort/Scheme of which you are an owner/member
  • When you bought into the Timeshare
  • The current annual fees and whether the payments are up to date
  • The term of the length of the Timeshare contract - and how much longer there is run
  • Your personal & financial circumstances
  • Your reason(s) for wishing to release yourself from the Timeshare

Depending on your specific situation - and with your agreement - we may then invite you to a Consultancy appointment with one of our advisors.

So that we can start helping you as soon as possible - and for your own peace of mind - please complete your online enquiry now. We look forward to being of assistance!