ECC. Arguably Europe’s foremost timeshare compensation claims firm

European Consumer Claims have been helping timeshare owners claim compensation for mis-sold contracts since 2016. In cases where a compensation claim is not possible, ECC will seek to relinquish the contract and free the member from future or past liabilities related to the membership.

ECC assists timeshare owners achieve freedom from memberships and the associated costs. Where possible ECC will sue for compensation on behalf of their clients.

European Consumer Claims awards

ECC have achieved over a thousand successful awards and over seventeen million pounds in financial judgements at time of writing. There are also many more cases presently being processed.

European Consumer Claims timeshare exits

European Consumer Claims have accomplished 1000s of timeshare exits, and are probably the most experienced and successful relinquishment agents working in Europe.

European Consumer Claims team consists of seasoned, industry leading compensation experts. They also partner with the foremost law organisations in the field.

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