More Awards against Anfi, Silverpoint and Diamond Resorts

More Awards against Anfi, Silverpoint and Diamond Resorts

We are pleased to inform you of last weeks Spanish court victories.

The legal team secured 4 results, 3 being substantive, total awarded was £84,481 which is an average of £21,120 per case.

In another case against Anfi Sales & Anfi Resorts, the nullity of the contract was determined by the lack of information regarding the property, for instance, where and when the owner was entitled to use it. £16,284 awarded.

Our legal team also reported on an award against Silverpoint which, for the very same reasons as the case above had the contract nullified. £44,000 awarded.

The Court of Appeal heard our latest case against Diamond Resorts and this also went in our legal team's favour. The judge in Malaga Court of Appeal denied all points of Diamond's defense and condemned them in costs due to lack of information surrounding the property. £17,597 awarded.

In addition to the substantive victories there were 10 jurisdiction victories, one against MacDonald resorts. The defense challenged the cases to prevent them being heard under Spanish law, 5 were initial hearings, 5 were appeals on the previous decision. All 10 cases will now proceed to the next step.