Over 312,000€ Plus Interest Appeal Victory against La Pinta

Over 312,000€ Plus Interest Appeal Victory against La Pinta

Our victory against La Pinta took place in the Court of Appeal against Holidayway Marketing SL & Las Vistas Marketing SL. The AP Santa Cruz Court in Tenerife came to the decision that each company is responsible to reimburse the amount of its own contract, the nullity of both the contracts have been confirmed and validated.

Holidayway Marketing SL have been condemned to reimburse the amount of 84,415.72€ plus legal interests. Las Vistas Marketing must to reimburse the amount of 227,611.76€ plus legal interests. This amount refers to the payment made within the cooling off period – as it is illegal for any money to be taken during this time. For our clients this means an accumulated value of 312,027.48€ in monies awarded.

Our team also had a successful outcome in a case against Silverpoint where the win was based on the timeshare contract from Silverpoint exceeding the legal time length. Heard in Arona Court, there was £18,565 in monies awarded for this case. Two successful cases against Anfi heard in San Bartolomé de Tirajana Court accumulated the value of £16,025. The basis of these cases were very similar to that of the Silverpoint case.

In a case against CLC Sucursal, the contract was found not to respect article 24 of the law 4/2012 - there is insufficient determination of the object of the contract and it exceeds the limit of 50 years - which have led to its nullity. We won in full, which means legal costs plus the £25,016 in monies awarded.

As usual, we’ve received numerous jurisdiction judgements in our favour against Club la Costa as well, this week there were 9 in total. Against the contractual names of CLC Continental Resorts, CLC Sucursal España and Paradise Trading.