Back With More Victories

Back With More Victories

With the Spanish courts having been closed for more than a month now, it’s refreshing to be able to report on some favourable judgements. While the courts are closed, the people behind the scenes along with the judges are still working away. New cases are being accepted however it is all taking a lot longer than usual. At present, we believe the courts are trying to catch up on the first lot of outstanding cases since lockdown.

Now we have 4 new Substantive victories to report on. The first being against Diamond Resorts. In this case, the contractual agreement was found to lack crucial details such as what specific accommodation can be used and when. Through this victory, we obtained £16,090 in awards for our client.

We had two favourable judgements against Club la Costa. Contractual names of CLC Continental Resorts and CLC Paradise Trading. Both cases were held in Fuengirola court and both clients were fully awarded including costs, as well as one client being awarded the interest of the loan used to purchase the timeshare. In total these cases accumulated to £38,286 in monies awarded.

Our fourth victory was against Resort Sales & Marketing Sol SL where the claimant was totally awarded including costs, £5,040.

Further to this, we have been busy with Jurisdiction cases, having been successful in 15 cases. One against MacDonald, another against Diamond and the remaining against Club La Costa. Contractual names of CLC UK PLC, CLC Surcursal and CLC Continental Resorts.