£48,639 Victory in case against Anfi Sales

£48,639 Victory in case against Anfi Sales

Our largest favourable judgement came from a case against Anfi Sales, heard in Sant Bartolomé de Tirajana Court. The key points for the case were that the contract exceeded the legal limit as well as lacking specific accommodation details, which have led to its immediate nullity. The claim was totally awarded with the amount of £48,639, costs were also awarded.

We’ve had another great success, in a case against Ona Group that was heard in Palma de Mallorca Court, the result was £31,436.

There are more victories this week - one against Diamond Resorts and the rest against Club La Costa; one as a substantive case which resulted in our clients being awarded £13,789 and a further three jurisdiction cases against them in which the judge established that as the plaintiffs are customers located in the United Kingdom they are able to choose the place to put the claim.

Contractual names of:

  • CLC Continental Resorts
  • CLC Sucursal
  • CLC Paradise Trading