March has been a record-breaking month for M1 Legal

March has been a record-breaking month for M1 Legal

M1 Legal, which helps victims of unscrupulous timeshare companies get justice, has enjoyed a record month in March 2022. The firm, which is based in Malaga, has broken all its previous monthly records and enjoyed a fantastic first quarter.

Helping victims get the justice they deserve

It can be very distressing for people who were mis-sold timeshare deals, often many years ago. Many of them find themselves stuck paying annual fees that they cannot get out of, which can be incredibly stressful.

It was way back in 1999 that new laws were brought in to provide protection to consumers from certain practices timeshare companies were using. Bad players in the industry, however, often ignored the laws, leading consumers to make financial decisions while they were on Spanish holidays that had a huge impact on them for years to come.

It is for this reason that many victims have fought for justice. When, in 2016, Tove Grimsbo won compensation of about €40,000 in her case against timeshare company Anfi, based in Gran Canaria, which had sold a contract illegally to her with a longevity of more than 50 years, the floodgates opened.

It was a historic win that allowed many victims to seek justice. Timeshare companies often used tactics deliberately designed to prevent or delay lawsuits, but the Tove Grimsbo victory helped to change this.

Now, the lawyers at M1 have won many similar cases against Spanish timeshare companies, becoming recognised as leaders in their field, and helping many clients to achieve impressive victories.

Quarter 1 2022: £1,680,082 in compensation for victims

The lawyers at M1 are focused on helping victims of illegal practices by timeshare companies get justice.

Victims often contact European Consumer Claims (ECC) first, which is the main timeshare claims service operating in the UK, Europe and United States. ECC determines which claims are strongest, and then refers these cases to M1, which helps the victims take legal action to claim compensation.

Many timeshare resorts have used dubious tactics over the years to delay the justice that was due to victims. However, since 2016, M1 has challenged their tactics with great success. Even better, successful cases help to speed up the claims process for future victims.

M1 has already helped many of its clients to get compensation in 2022, and it will continue to do so in the months ahead.

Fernando Sansegundo is the head of M1 Legal. "We are less than 3 months into 2022 and we have already secured 105 separate victories for our clients," he confirms. "This represents a total compensation award amount of £1,680,082. It is the best start to a year we have had since our inception."

39 victories in March 2022

"Right now, nearing the end of March 2022 we have already broken all previous monthly records," continues Sansegundo. "There have been 39 court victories since the first day of this month. With 3 business days remaining, the total compensation award number so far is an incredible £573,190.

"That is 39 people who are not only free of their timeshare contracts and annual fee obligations, but were also awarded a financial windfall at the same time."

One notable case this month was that of Lynne and Ken D. They won their case against Club Gran Anfi and were awarded £42,987 in compensation.

Another successful result came for Michael W, who was awarded £38,128 against Club La Costa. And Mark Andrew S won against Diamond Resorts and was awarded compensation of £21,526.

The largest win this month was for Angela and Derek W. They took on Marriot Vacation Club and were awarded £59,175.

The main goal of clients is often to get out of the unfair commitments they are trapped in. When they are awarded significant compensation, they are even more delighted.

Fernando continues: "These are significant amounts of money," says Fernando. "It's enough to buy a luxury car, or even add an extension to a house. On average the compensation awards that our lawyers win for ECC/M1 clients is in excess of £20,000.

"Two clients who received their award money last week, an Ayrshire couple called Douglas and Linda, called me to tell me they are having the entire inside of their home remodelled. They were so happy speaking to me on the phone. It is calls like that which remind me how lucky I am to do this job."

Find out if you have a claim

"The timeshare company lawyers are running out of ways to delay the claims process. Timeshare sales operations broke the law, and modern judges are making them pay. "People due compensation who apply now face a much shorter wait than people who started their claims back in 2016. If you bought timeshare in Spain, on or after the 5th January 1999, then you may be entitled to financial recompense too."

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